CTPAT Participation and You.

Brauner International is proud to be a certified and validated member of CTPAT, and we encourage all importers to participate.

Brauner International knows the value of security. For twenty-two years, our offices were located in the World Trade Center, first attacked on a Friday in February, 1993.  Working  with the Port Authority, we were able to be open for business the following Monday at our JFK office without missing a beat for our customers.  Later in 1993, we relocated that office to Jersey City where we are headquartered today.

We take cargo security very seriously and encourage our clients to as well for multiple reasons:

  • Participation gives Customs and Border Protection the awareness of your company as an importer, especially if you are both certified (submitted your information) and are validated (they have performed facility visits).
  • You receive reduced risk scoring when we submit your entries for release, increasing the likelihood it will be cleared without presenting documents or an examination.
  • Access to conferences and best practices from other CTPAT members as well as Customs.
  • Voluntarily participation in a program that CBP administers without burdensome regulatory requirements codified in the law.
  • An advantage when competing for business by having an already secured supply chain, something that larger companies require from their vendors or from whom they purchase.

CTPAT was the first, but there are similar cargo security programs around the world, such as the EU’s Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program, and if your company does business globally, understanding how one program works affords you the opportunity replicate it for membership in similar programs elsewhere.

To join CTPAT, an online application must be completed and will be examined by CBP.  The questions relate primarily to physical security, IT security and employee security.  We have been helping importers and foreign manufacturers with the process of CTPAT membership and FDA facility registration and can simplify the process on your behalf.

You can read more about the CTPAT program on CBP’s newly revamped website, or we would be happy to answer any questions you have about CTPAT.  Just drop us a line.

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