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During his overseas trip in March, the President made several stops, including one in Brussels to consult with leaders of the European Union on creating a trading block. The Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, if enacted, would open both markets to each other products, but there are still some serious hurdles to overcome. Both …

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The FDA recently settled a lawsuit with the private Center for Food Safety because the agency consistently missed deadlines for the implementation of the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), passed in 2011. FSMA required the agency to create new safety standards within eighteen months.  The FDA missed that deadline.  So the CFS sued and …

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Brauner International is proud to be a certified and validated member of CTPAT, and we encourage all importers to participate. Brauner International knows the value of security. For twenty-two years, our offices were located in the World Trade Center, first attacked on a Friday in February, 1993.  Working  with the Port Authority, we were able …

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