FDA Warns Brokers About Invalid Email Syntax for FSV Importer

The FDA reports that, for food entries, they continue to receive entry lines with an invalid syntax for the email transmitted in PG21 for the FSV entity. As a result, starting August 8, the agency will tweak the system to ensure that FDA receives an email with a valid syntax. Refer to PG21 in FDA’s ACE Supplemental Guide for examples of valid and invalid email addresses.

To avoid rejects, the FDA reminds brokers to: 

  1. Transmit only one email address.
  2. Do not include additional names, characters or spaces that are not part of the valid email address.
  3. Verify the validity of the email before transmitting the message set. 

 If an invalid syntax is received filers will receive the following status codes and should review the email address transmitted for the FSV entity:

Status Code: 04  Data rejected per PGA review              
Reason Code: 14  Data rejected per PGA review
Subreason Code: 197  Invalid format for mandatory email requirement

As a regular practice Brauner Intl Corp is aware of these requirements, and we are in compliance with them. If on August 8th , or thereafter, we get an error message and need clarification regarding your FSVP email address we will contact you.

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