• Members of leading trade associations representing the tea, coffee and cocoa industries
  • Prominent leadership in local and national Customs and freight forwarding associations
  • Working with buyers and sellers before orders are placed to insure a delay-free shipment

Since 1931, Brauner International has expertly balanced and met the needs of the general commercial shipper and importers with the needs of shippers in several niche industries including food, machinery and chemicals.

Customs brokers are licensed by CBP and are capable of handling imports of any kind. Over time, some gravitate into areas of specialty and become known leaders in those fields.

Brauner International has spent decades building our reputation as a Customs broker who understands the needs of importers and exporters. Our strength is in working with established companies who are expanding or have an established international supply chain that is in need of improvement to save time, money and improve overall compliance.

  • Brauner International works with importers on classification, valuation, country of origin marking and other important issues before an order is placed, not after when problems can arise.
  • Brauner International are members of the Tea Association of the USA, Green Coffee Association and The Cocoa Merchants’ Association of America.
  • Brauner’s leaders are involved with local and national trade associations giving them firsthand knowledge of issues that will impact companies and help prepare and advise them.