• Extensive experience with FDA, APHIS, PPQ and USDA
  • Provide FDA facility registration services
  • Nationwide food grade & temperature controlled warehousing

For importers of some commodities, Customs is only one part of the import process, and might even be the easiest. Brauner International has a long and successful history of helping importers whose products fall under the jurisdiction of FDA, Agriculture and other agencies.

Seems funny to call Customs the easiest, doesn’t it? Sometimes they are.

Pre-departure and/or pre-arrival filings are now commonplace for security and admissibility purposes. When handling food and food products, there are additional levels including registration of facilities, chain of custody requirements and additional documents.

Enter Brauner. We have been handling bulk agricultural commodities like tea, coffee and cocoa for decades. We’re active members of their national trade associations and participate in their conferences, both as attendees and featured speakers.

The number of inspectors who handle food and other regulated commodities are also fewer in number than Customs officers and are subject matter experts in their fields. We know how to work with them, nationwide, to communicate on behalf of our clients and resolve their issues.

  • Brauner International has extensive working relations and experience with Food and Drug, USDA, APHIS and PPQ.
  • Brauner International can aid in FDA facility registration, prior notice submission and has a nationwide network of food grade and temperature controlled warehouses and carriers to store and transport cargo.

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